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The COVID-19 crisis has exposed how inefficiencies in resilience came at the cost of global supply chains. A persistent push for efficiency and cost competitiveness has spawned increasingly complex and opaque supply chains. Already facing disruptions such as natural disasters, trade wars, and human rights issues, the COVID-19 crisis demonstrates that for many companies, inadequate visibility and understanding of the situation within their supply chains—and by their procurement operations—hamper an effective, coordinated response to external shocks.

Building on our experience and expertise working on supply chain sustainability, Risk and Resilience BPM Supply Chain Resilience Assessment, helps companies evaluate their current supply chain resilience status, incorporating current (and future) understanding, policies, risks, strategies, and imperatives.

Based on internal engagement, external benchmarking, and a dynamic assessment, we help companies identify their current strengths and weaknesses on key aspects of the procurement organization, understand industry practices and opportunities, and build a resilience enhancement roadmap for their supply chain.


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Our advisory services are not just thought-provoking, but action-oriented for our clients to keep up with the ever-changing environment and stay on top of the competitive market.

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With a goal to enhance productivity and the capability to effectively manage resilience long term, our strategic project management service focuses on the quantum of development.
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We combine our Advisory and Strategic management practices to curate a monitoring system that ensures highest levels of total organizational resilience.

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